Linda Park Returning to The Flash

Malese Jow will return to The Flash as Linda Park, Entertainment Weekly reports today.

The character, who was briefly a love interest for Barry Allen during the show's first season, is best known to fans as the woman who married Wally West when he was The Flash during the post-Crisis on Infinite Earths, pre-Final Crisis publishing era.

“Linda Park will return as Iris West’s [Candice Patton] friend and colleague at Central Picture News and her past relationship with Barry will put both Iris and The Flash in unexpected danger,” executive producer Gabrielle Stanton told the magazine.

Given the emergence of Wally West and Earth-2, one has to wonder whether the TV show will tackle Wally having a public identity -- something that happened in the comics -- and whether villains from his world will therefore have a mean-on for Linda and her loved ones.

Barry will also have Patty Spivot, another potential love interest, introduced this season, as well, so it seems Barry's dance card will be pretty stacked when new episodes come back on October 6.