Watch Dogs 2 Gameplay Video Released

After the announcement last week of Watch Dogs 2, Ubisoft of course brought the game to E3. In the company's press conference, they revealed the first gameplay from the game, showing off the new main character and the "hack everything" game mechanics.

The game has even more of that hackability than the original, as teased in the initial cinematic announce trailer, and that's on full display in the new gameplay footage. After a short propaganda-style video from DedSec (think hacker groups like Anonymous), we see San Francisco, and our new protagonist, Marcus. He goes through an infiltration mission, which you can watch in the video above.

Ubisoft also announced a partnership with Sony on Watch Dogs 2, and all post-launch DLC will go to PS4 gamers 30 days before coming to other platforms.

In Watch Dogs 2, players will use hacking as their ultimate weapon and explore their surroundings as a hacker and use the networked infrastructure of the city but also every person and connected device available in the game world to achieve their goals. Pushing the hacking gameplay even further, players will have the freedom to choose how to control their environment to complete their missions, and enjoy the chain of events they create in this living, dynamic open world environment.

Watch Dogs 2 hits consoles November 15, 2016.