Fan Fridays: Will Max Landis Write the Pokemon Movie?

pokemon server
(Photo: Nintendo)

Pokemon is once again taking over the world. With the recent release of the Augment Reality Game, Pokemon Go, people all across the globe are catching their favorite pocket monsters on their smart phones. Needless to say, capitalizing on the recent boom is a no brainer and Legendary Pictures is once again circling the water to get a live action motion picture of Pokemon on the big screen. While specific details about the movie are not yet known, rumors have begun to swirl about the film and one of our fans, “PokeMan”, has brought this to our attention. Is Max Landis, comic book writer of works such as DC’s Superman: American Alien and the upcoming Image book Green Valley to name a few, a slam dunk as writer of the upcoming Pikachu flick? Let’s look at the facts!

I think you’d be hard pressed to find a screen writer in Hollywood more knowledgeable of the nerd world than Max Landis. Creating arguably one of the best Superman stories in the past few years, Landis has been extremely vocal about his love of superheroes, science fiction, and everything in between. In fact, Max, on top of writing films such as I Frankenstein and American Ultra, is bringing television shows Dirk Gently and Channel Zero to the small screen as well. Dirk Gently is a detective series originally presented by the BBC several years ago and Channel Zero will be an anthology series on SyFy that will be the first attempt to bring “Creepy Pastas” to televisions screens.


Landis has also worked on numerous other “nerd properties” in the forms of scripts for a Super Mario film, a take on a Power Rangers film, and even a Ghostbusters one preceding the recent reboot this year. The multi-colored haired writer would definitely be able to present a good undertaking of Ash Ketchum and company and has even been slightly hinting at that fact on his Twitter page. Clearly a fan of the source material, Landis has addressed recent write-ups from entertainment outlets with vague references to the source materials such as writing “rare candy” in reference to Screen Rant’s recent article which implied Max would be on the project.

Nothing in Hollywood is certain but if Landis were to get the project, I think we’d be in store for an excellent portrayal of the world of Pokemon. Legendary Pictures, hot on the trail of their recent video game outing of Warcraft, would be great at bringing life like versions of the monsters to the screen itself, that’s for sure. Once again looking at Landis’ love of geekdom, you need but look at his Youtube videos that delved into comic book storylines such as “The Death of Superman” and “Batman: Knightfall” to know that his heart is in the right place. At this stage, everything is still up in the air, but were all these pieces to come together, we’d be in store for something special.

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