Westworld: Is The Maze Unsolvable?

Westworld is twisting minds all across the world, and audience members have become obsessed with trying to figure out the show's deepest secrets.

Who is Arnold? Is The Man In Black a host? How many timelines are there?

In the midst of all these question, there is still one that hovers above each of the others. There's still one big mystery who's answer is the key to solving each of the others.

What is the maze?

Many believe the maze is a physical obstacle course that the Man In Black is chasing after. By tracking down clues and following the trail, he seems close to finding the center. Some believe that the maze is much more metaphorical.

Certain groups of fans think that the maze is the human brain, and the hosts are trying to get to the center of their own consciousness. If artificial life can find their way throught their own brain, they are capable of reaching their full potential, freeing themselves from their creators.

The drawing of the maze has appeared all over Westworld, and continues to raise questions in the minds of the characters, as well as the fans. When you take a deeper look at the map itself, there's one startling detail audiences have massively overlooked.

(Photo: HBO)

Is there a solution to this maze?

If you trace all of the possible routes throughout the map, there is no way to get to what is believed to be the center. It's possible to reach the man in the middle, via between his legs or under his arm, but it's impossible to reach his head. The head seems like the clear center for the maze, and that would align well with the notion that the maze is representative of the human brain.

All life, thought, and processing take place in a human's head, so it would seem logical that the maze would end there.

If the maze is truly unsolvable, what would that mean for the show going forward? This would take a way a massive motivation for all of the host characters in the series, and many of the human characters would have to deal with the backlash.

This theory also puts a halt on many of the other fan ideas floating around the Internet. Many theories center on the maze itself, so they could be debunked if there isn't a way to the center.

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