Super Dragon Ball Heroes Reveals Another One of Beerus' Prophecies

Beerus might be the God of Destruction for Universe 7 but he could pick up a job as a psychic if he wanted. Over the years, Beerus has been gifted with various premonitions which have all come true. Goku met the God of Destruction all because of a prophecy that came to Beerus in his dreams, and Super Dragon Ball Heroes has revealed his latest prediction.

For those who have yet to see the latest episode of Super Dragon Ball Heroes, they might be confused about the whole ordeal. You will want to know the promotional anime went in on its second season this year, and it began a tense arc. This time around, the Gods of Destruction have become villains, and their turn against Goku is all thanks to a vision Beerus had.

The episode follows Goku as he is greeted by a funny Divine Bird named Toki Toki, and the Gods want to annihilate it. As you can imagine, the Saiyan is none too pleased by the turn, and he asks Beerus why he brought all of the Gods to kill the bird.

dragon ball beerus
(Photo: Shueisha / Bandai)

"According to my vision, a mysterious bird will cause enormous damage to Universe 7," Beerus says, teasing the foretold end of his universe.


As you can imagine, Beerus is not about to let his universe be destroyed. The fighter is all but immortal but the loss of his home would nip his life in the bud. There is no telling how the God got all of his colleagues to join him in battle, but Beerus is determined to kill Toki Toki since it appears to be the strange bird from his vision. But as fans find out before the episode ends, Toki Toki is the only thing able to save Universe 7 as there is another dangerous strange bird on Fu's side somewhere.

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