Vegeta's New Transformation Just Made 'Dragon Ball' History

Anime fans have a lot to be excited about with Dragon Ball Super. Not only is the series winding [...]

Anime fans have a lot to be excited about with Dragon Ball Super. Not only is the series winding up its on-going 'Universal Survival' saga, but Vegeta just came through with one shiny transformation. The mysterious power-up even caught Goku off-guard, and keen fans were quick to point out an odd fact about the turnaround.

After all, Vegeta's new transformation did something fans haven't seen before. It is the hero's only power-up to be unlocked for the first time on-screen.

Obviously, Vegeta has debuted tons of forms in the Dragon Ball franchise, but the Saiyan never seems to unlock them in real-time. Fans got a taste of Vegeta's Great Ape form when he went up against Goku in Dragon Ball Z, but that wasn't the first time the Saiyan tapped into such a transformation.

Moving forward, the same mishap happened the Super Saiyan form. Fans did get to see Vegeta use the power-up for the first time when he went up against Android 19, but its debut occured in a flashback. Fans also like to label the event as a filler and still question its overall canonicity.

Super Saiyan 2 fared no better. Vegeta whipped out the form when he was under Majin's influence, but it was noted that the Saiyan had tapped into the power before. Vegeta never did go Super Saiyan 3, and while he did unveil his Super Saiyan 4 transformation in real-time, its inclusion in Dragon Ball GT makes fans petition its canon status.

Dragon Ball Super treated Vegeta no better until this point. The fighter unlocked Super Saiyan God in the manga with little fanfare and the same went for Super Saiyan Blue. Vegeta only got to debut a new power-up of his live on-screen with his sparkly SSB upgrade, and Goku had the decency to not one-up it immediately afterwards. It may have taken a while, but Vegeta can finally join the club which Goku and Gohan entered years ago. So, the Saiyan can boast about that accomplishment at the very least.

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