One Piece Teases an Atomic Threat With Egghead Cliffhanger

As if the Great Flood wasn't scary enough, One Piece is setting up an atomic apocalypse.

Dr. Vegapunk has been one of the biggest key players in One Piece's final saga so far. With the Straw Hat Pirates arriving on Future Island, the mad scientist was able to reveal some key secrets regarding the Grand Line. While the former World Government employee was able to reveal the "Great Flood" theory to the world that harkens the Grand Line's doom, there is another theory that has Straw Hat fans thinking that Luffy and company are going to have an atomic problem on their hands.

If you have yet to read the latest chapter of One Piece's manga, Chapter 1114, be forewarned that we'll be diving into serious spoiler territory. The "Great Flood" refers to the idea that the Grand Line is sinking under the sea, a fact that was confirmed by Vegapunk before his demise at the hands of the Five Elders. While the scientist did extensive experiments on Devil Fruit, he was also responsible for more than a few aspects of the World Government's reign. First introduced in One Piece's 1060th manga chapter, the "Mother Flame" is one of Vegapunk's greatest creations, as the former military employee created an energy source. Unfortunately, this very same energy might prove to be a problem for Luffy and his crew.

The Mother Flame is Atomic

As this new theory documents, Vegapunk's Mother Flame might just be atomic in nature. On the power plant that powers Future Island, the symbol "A&Mu" is displayed, which can be another way of saying "atom" in Japan. If atomic weapons and items are introduced to One Piece's final saga, the challenges facing the Straw Hats will be like nothing they've seen before.

While this might be the final saga for the Straw Hats, that doesn't mean that One Piece is ending any time soon. As Straw Hat Pirate fans have seen in the past, storylines can often continue for quite a few years, meaning that we could still have years of stories before Luffy is able to become the King of the Pirates. 

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