FLCL (Fooly Cooly)


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Airs: Saturday, Jun 23 2018 at 12:05pm on Toonami TV-14 Anime (genre) / Animation (Genre) / Action (Genre) / Comedy (Genre) / Sci-Fi (Genre) Writers: Hideto Iwai Composers:Shinkichi Mitsumune

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Following her headphones locking on her head, Hidomi's personality completely flips, her upbeat yet eccentric subconsciousness manifests itself, concerning most of the people around her. Jinyu formulates a plan to attack the active Medical Mechanica plant in town to destroy the signal keeping the headphones in security mode. Meanwhile, revealed to possessed the remains of an inactive Canti which he has been using to develop N.O.-powered technology, Eye Patch and Masuro attempt to find the missing flowerpot that the latter's daughter Aiko gave to Goro, revealed to have ability to reverse N.O. Channel polarity. Jinyu, Haruko, and Ide snatch Hidomi off the street in Jinyu's car and fly her to the top of the Medical Mechanica plant, only to reach a dead end when they realize they have no way to enter the plant. While Haruko and Jinyu argue, Hidomi begins playing with Aiko's flowerpot and accidentally drops it on Ide's head, reversing his portal's polarity and sucking Jinyu and Haruko into the factory's interior. Inside the plant, Jinyu, wanting nothing more than to allow Atomsk to remain free, attempts to reason with Haruko before unintentionally provoking her, sparking a fight. The damage they cause to the factory's interior deactivates the headphones, allow them to use Hidomi's N.O. Channel to continue their fight outside. Meanwhile, having manifested a N.O. Channel from an earlier encounter with Hidomi, Marco is testing a Viking Cruise ship ride at a nearby theme park when it suddenly launches him at the plant; a giant bamboo shoot sprouts from his portal, and a small robot puppet climbs up it, getting involved in the fight against Haruko. Ide tries to rescue Hidomi as the car begins rolling off the side of the plant, and Jinyu catches them, only to be fatally wounded by Haruko. Haruko destroys the bamboo shoot and then devours Jinyu, the latter act restoring Haruko to her original pink-haired self. She then asks for Hidomi's help in absorbing Atomsk once more, but Hidomi, having caught glimpses of Haruko's previous attempt and her intentions with Atomsk's power, puts her headphones back on and refuses.


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