One Piece: Viral Anime Predicts Luffy's Reign as the Pirate King

One Piece began Luffy's quest to become the Pirate King in 1999.

There are few truths in the anime universe, but one of them is that Monkey D. Luffy will become the King of the Pirates. For decades now, the captain of the Straw Hat crew has been sailing the seas. As the manga nears its end ever so slowly, all eyes are on the future given Luffy's potential. And thanks to a viral anime, One Piece fans are getting a peek at Luffy's reign as the Pirate King.

The reel came to light on YouTube thanks to Meme Duka. The channel, which posts a bevy of original content, has made it their mission to bring the Pirate King Luffy to life. Most recently, the channel has come together to craft Luffy's future, and it is nothing but impressive.

In one of the fan-made shorts, we are given a peek at Luffy as he spars with his son. With Boa Hancock to the side, the anime is clear Luffy x Boa shipper, and the pair here have a powerful son. This short ends with the Pirate King dipping into Gear 5, so you know Luffy is ready to flex.

As for the other short, the channel shows Luffy visiting Lougetown after a long stretch. We follow the Pirate King as he visits an old bar and its tender. You will remember the drinking hole from Luffy's sails before he hit the Grand Line. So hopefully, the One Piece series makes this reunion canon down the line.

Obviously, these One Piece shorts are entirely fan-made, but the community is rallying behind Luffy's future. The Straw Hat captain has proven himself time and again since he left the East Blue. And as he enters his Pirate King era, you know Luffy's adventures are only going to get wilder. 

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