Danger Force

We Did a Bad Thing

Season 2: Episode 26   

Airs: Thursday, Jul 7 2022 at 10:31am on Nickelodeon TV-G Comedy (Genre) / Action (Genre) Writers: Nathan Knetchel

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In light of the incident on the rooftop, Officer Walnut now knows that ShoutOut and AWOL are Mika and Miles. Chapa and Bose find out what happened. After advising Chapa and Bose to become Volt and Brainstorm, AWOL and ShoutOut teleport them to their room where they find Officer Walnut bound and gagged. ShoutOut persuades Volt not to zap Officer Walnut's brain and suggests using the Memory Wiper on her and make another one after Drex destroyed it. While Mika and Bose throw off Angela, Volt and AWOL teleport Officer Walnut to Chapa's house where they find Alejandra there after she needed an excuse to leave the Timmy Buffet concert causing Chapa to knock her out and AWOL to replace Officer Walnut's gag. After Mika and Bose throw off Angela, Volt and AWOL bring them to Chapa's house to find Alejandra still knocked out. ShoutOut calls Schwoz only for Ray to answer stating that Timmy Buffet has invited Schwoz to perform as Ray suggests asking DJ Clone Schwoz. They ask DJ Clone Schwoz to make a new Memory Wiper. To make it, Schwoz will need Science Juice causing Bose to recall that it is in the Swellview Police Department's evidence room. AWOL and Brainstorm sneak into the evidence room only to encounter Celia wanting to take out evidence. As AWOL claims the Science Juice, Celia starts to call the police only for AWOL and Brainstorm to kidnap her as well. Angela knocks on the door to ask Alejandra for advice on Mika kissing Bose. She comes in upon hearing Officer Walnut causing Danger Force to tie her up as well. Officer Walnut works to free herself as Ray calls Danger Force to pick up some carrots for Garrett the Parrot. Alejandro arrives in the driveway causing AWOL to evacuate everyone. DJ Clone Schwoz completes the Memory Wiper at the Man's Nest as Ray returns causing him to be bound as a precaution. AWOL comes clean about what happened as Ray covers up his appearance in the Man's Nest. As the Memory Wiper actually created a Truth Ray and affects everyone in the radius of the blast, Officer Walnut gets free as Danger Force ends up revealing their identities when asked by her. This surprises Angela, Alejandra, and Celia as they declare that they are now out of Danger Force.


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