'Batwoman' Adds First Cast Members

Weeks before the pilot for Batwoman is set to start production, the latest entry into The CW's [...]

Weeks before the pilot for Batwoman is set to start production, the latest entry into The CW's Arrowverse has announced the first cast members outside of Ruby Rose's portrayal of the show's titular character. According to a new report from Deadline, Meagan Tandy, Camrus Johnson, and Nicole Kang will join Rose as the show's lead characters.

Tandy, best known for her role as Braden on Teen Wolf, is reportedly set to play Sophie Moore — a straight-laced member of the military — and, at times, romantic partner of Kane. Tandy's no strange to productions on the Warner Brothers-owned channel as she's appeared in a recurring role in the Charmed reboot.

Johnson, an alum of Netflix's Luke Cage, will play Luke Fox — the son of long-time Bruce Wayne aid Lucius Fox. The character description reads that while he's a staunch loyalist of Wayne and Batman, he understands the need for Gotham to get a new protector in the absence of the Dark Knight. It should be noted that Fox eventually becomes the second Batwing in the DC Comics mythos, certainly something Greg Berlanti and company could plan on adapting for the live-action show.

You star Nicole Kang will play Mary Hamilton, Kane's step-sister. The character is her step-sister's "polar opposite" and has "compassion for Gotham's underserved communities, proving she has more in common with Kate than she thinks."

Set to film as early as March, Batwoman has received a pilot order from The CW. Set to be helmed by showrunner Caroline Dries (The Vampire Diaries), the pilot episode will be directed by David Nutter. Berlanti's Berlanti Productions will produce.

As far as Rose goes, she's ecstatic to join the genre as Batwoman, the first gay lead character to star in a superhero live-action series.

"The fact that she is an outwardly gay superhero, which is something growing up I would've loved to have seen on my TV, was a big deciding factor as to why I was so passionate about the role," Rose previously said of her character. "This [role] just meant a lot more to me because I could relate in so many ways and, at the same time, felt like this was a job that would give me a purpose every day coming into work beyond just getting to live my dream, which is acting, and would be far more rewarding than anything I've done in the past."