Ben Affleck Comments on the Harvey Weinstein Scandal

The fallout from the Harvey Weinstein sexual harassment (and now allegedly sexual assault) scandal [...]

The fallout from the Harvey Weinstein sexual harassment (and now allegedly sexual assault) scandal continues like a mushroom cloud over Hollywood, prompting outspoken responses from many of the famous people that Weinstein has worked with over the years.

Case in point: Justice League star and Batman actor Ben Affleck. Affleck gained major stardom during the 1990s heyday of Weinstein's Miramax Studios imprint, thanks to films like Good Will Hunting, Shakespeare in Love, and Kevin Smith's Dogma.

Here's what Affleck had to say about the increasingly disturbing revelations about Harvey Weinstein, via social media:

Of course, the Internet being the Internet, Affleck's statement wasn't up on Twitter for ten minutes before some observations about the possible condemnation of Weinstein were thrown in his face:

That would be a reference to Ben Affleck's brother, Casey, who was the center of controversy earlier this year, when he won both the Golden Globe and Oscar for Best Actor in Manchester by the Sea. Those awards wins brought back reports of the multiple allegations of sexual harassment and abuse that have followed Affleck as far back as 2010. Journalist and other celebrities (like Captain Marvel star Brie Larson) made very public rebukes of Affleck during the awards season circuit.

Story after story is coming out about famous and/or powerful men in Hollywood grossly abusing fame and power for sexual ends, and it seems that the problem is so prevalent that it's almost an unspoken part of the culture. Ben Affleck has had his own allegations of substance abuse and womanizing in the tabloids for years, so hopefully innuendo about his brother's behavior is the only thing that comes to light, as Ben Affleck has the upcoming release of Justice League to get through, hopefully scandal free.

Meanwhile, other geek-culture stars are speaking out against Harvey Weinstein. For instance, check out what Kevin Smith had to say about the scandal.

Justice League will be in theaters on November 17th.

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