Black Lightning Season 3 Trailer Released at Comic-Con

Black Lightning Season Two ended with some major shifts for The CW series. Black [...]

Black Lightning Season Two ended with some major shifts for The CW series. Black Lightning/Jefferson Pierce (Cress Williams) finally saw nemesis Tobias Whale (Marvin "Krondon" Jones) brought to justice with the gangster sent off to a metahuman black site known as "The Pit" as well as his family come back together after a season of serious issues stemming from both of his daughters developing their own metahuman powers. However, the biggest shift of all may have been the reveal that a war is coming, one that will put Freeland in the firing line as the Markovians make their next move. Now, fans are getting their first look at what to expect in Black Lightning's third season thanks to the trailer debuted at San Diego Comic-Con today.

You can check out the trailer, which largely recaps the previous seasons of the series, in the video above

Even with the new trailer, we don't yet know a whole lot about the upcoming season. The Markovian threat appears to be the big thing coming down the pike for the season and it's something that Jones told TV Line recently that, while he has no control over what ends up happening story-wise, he would personally love to see Black Lightning and Tobias team up to take down that threat and save Freeland.

"I would like to see him you know, team up to get rid of these Markovian guys so he can get back to his business," Jones said. "Like, 'hey look man, let's call a truce for a minute.'"

Black Lightning agreeing to a truce with Tobias seems highly unlikely for various reasons not connected to the gang leader's current incarceration situation. As fans of The CW series know, Tobias murdered Jefferson Pierce (the civilian identity of Black Lightning), but if the Markovian threat is large enough, a temporary partnership might not be out of the question. The nation of Markovia has the most metahumans in the world on Black Lightning, but by the time Season Two ended, Freeland also had a large metahuman population. The already dangerous Markovians could see this as a threat and the show has already laid the groundwork by having Markovian intelligence agents attack Lynn Pierce (Christine Stewart).

Of course, even if Tobias and Black Lightning don't team up, the introduction of the Markovian threat in Season Three could lead to not only an interesting story but introductions of even more members of the Outsiders team from comics -- including Brion Markov, better known to comic book fans as Geo-Force.

Black Lightning will return for its third season on October 21, 2019 on The CW.