'Justice League's Ezra Miller Says 'Flashpoint' Is Coming Up Really Soon

After a pair of quick cameos in previous DC Films, fans will finally get to see the first film [...]

After a pair of quick cameos in previous DC Films, fans will finally get to see the first film featuring the Flash in a major role in all of his scarlet speeding glory when Justice League premieres next week.

Warner Bros. executives have already said that Ezra Miller's portrayal of Barry Allen is the breakout role of the new film, and according to the actor himself a solo film starring the Flash will follow soon after.

"[Flashpoint is] coming up," Miller said during an interview with Postmedia Network. "We are getting ready. It's been a long process to make sure we'll get it right, but Warner Bros. is being very careful with it and that's something I feel really honored by and it's something I appreciate. But I'm stoked to get going. I can't reveal specifics, but it is coming up really soon."

Miller's comments should come as a relief for Flash fans who have been following along with the recent reports regarding the film, though they aren't exactly a surprise.

Warner Bros. first announced a solo film for the Flash years ago as part of an ambitious slate of DC Comics-reltated movies intending to build up the Justice League brand. However, after Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice and Suicide Squad debuted to mixed critical reception, executives decided to put plans on hold.

Then Patty Jenkins' Wonder Woman released and changed the company's approach to tackling a superhero movie, shifting focus from building a shared universe to allowing creative directors enact their visions.

At San Diego Comic-Con, Warner Bros. announced a fresh new slate of films (this time, without release dates) that included an altered title for the Flash's solo movie: Flashpoint.

But the film still doesn't have a director, but according to WB movie chief Toby Emmerich, they're close to locking one down.

Miller's comments come after recent screenings of the film have put the reception in a positive light, and the executives themselves are excited for Miller's portrayal of the Flash to be seen by all.

We'll get to see if the Scarlet Speedster steals the scene when Justice League premieres in theaters November 17.