'Gotham' Final Season Title Revealed: "Legend of the Dark Knight"

The first trailer for Gotham finally offered fans a tease of what they can expect from the final [...]

The first trailer for Gotham finally offered fans a tease of what they can expect from the final season, including the arrival of Bane, Jeremiah Valeska acting more Joker-y, and, of course, Batman.

The fifth and last season of Gotham will finally show Bruce Wayne fully adopting the persona of the Caped Crusader, as confirmed by the show's recently revealed subtitle: Legend of the Dark Knight.


For fans who were worries that Batman might not show up until the final episode, or that Gotham would pull a Smallville and only have Bruce Wayne suit up for the last scene, this should provide some comfort.

Jeremiah actor Cameron Monaghan recently confirmed that Batman would appear in the series, and Bruce Wayne actor David Mazouz offered a major tease during the Gotham panel at New York Comic Con

"Bruce is going to meet his first bat!" Mazouz said to a wave of applause from the crowd. "It's pretty awesome."

After the events of the Season 4 finale, Gotham City has been abandoned and the villains have taken over. So why have characters like Jim Gordon stayed behind?

Gordon actor Benjamin McKenzie revealed the reason why during ComicBook.com's set visit for the final season of Gotham.

"He is going to be the last guy down with the ship," McKenzie said. "He's never going to abandon it. I think that the pressure becomes more and more and more intense and he becomes a bit like Atlas, trying to carry the- well not quite literal but the figurative weight of the world on his shoulders. The pressure just gets more and more intense. Which is interesting because it can lead him to make decisions he wouldn't otherwise make, which there's a big one in the middle of the season. A decision he makes in the heat of passion that will have significant ramifications for him and others in the future."

McKenzie also said the final season will be packed with Easter eggs that the hardcore Batman fans will notice

"I'm not sure how much I can say about them but they definitely will be there," McKenzie said. "I will put it this way, a lot of the questions we get asked at comic cons like 'when you gonna do this, when you gonna do this.' Well, right now! Right damn now we're gonna do them because we don't have anymore time."

The final 12 episodes of Gotham will begin airing on FOX on January 3, 2019.