'Gotham' Plans To Explain the Creation of Batman

Entering the final season of Gotham, there are many questions left to answer as Bruce moves towards his final transformation into Batman.

With only 10 episodes to accomplish everything -- as opposed to a regular 22 of previous seasons -- the move from Man-Bat closing Season 4 to the Dark Knight as the series ends has a distinct plan, at least according to the man who will be pulling it off, David Mazouz.

"They do, they do," Mazouz said during a set visit. "I'm not going to answer that one because I don't want to give that away.

"I think that's kind of a big decision and I'm excited for people to see it and I don't want to give it away."

The final arc of the show will take place during a very dark, comic-inspired, No Man's Land where the city is broken into factions led by villains -- save for a green-zone that the GCPD controls -- and it is limited to just four traditional 'good guys' left to save Gotham.

Executive Producer John Stephens said that the elements from the canon will have a major influence in how the story will play out.

"It does drive season 5. It's very similar. It's obviously inspired by the books," he said. "So it's a world in which Gotham has been cut off from the rest of the United States, and all the essential elements of life like food, clothing, shelter and, then in our world, obviously, ammunition are at a premium or a scarce. And so everyone is fighting for survival, and it brings all the relationships between the characters much greater contrast than ever before."

As the season begins, the city is left with only Jim Gordon, his partner Harvey, Lucious Fox, and Bruce Wayne as the known heroes that made it inside the bridges being blown up. Alfred and Selina are in an unknown hospital -- which could be inside the city -- while Selina heals from a stabbing.

The storyline -- according to Stephens -- will show the evolution of a lot of characters, including Bruce morphing into the Bat.

"There are things that I'll always kind of miss doing for all of the different characters or beats of ... honestly, all of the characters who we just didn't get to play quite as much as would have wanted to because we're doing 10 hours rather than 22," he said. "But it'll always exist in my mind."


"(With Bruce) we go pretty far," he said. "Yeah. Stick around to the last episode. Yeah, we go pretty far."