Joker Director Reveals Haunting New Photos of Joaquin Phoenix Behind the Scenes

Joker is now a milestone achievement for DC movies, having been the franchise's most profitable movie ever, as well as a winner of multiple Golden Globes and Oscars. Ever since Joker has come and gone from theaters, fans have been treated to more and more insights behind-the-scenes of the film. Recent weeks have brought interesting reveals like how Joker star Joaquin Phoenix and Robert De Niro clashed, or how Warner Bros. considered releasing Joker straight to video streaming platforms. Of course, the other big insights into Joker have come from director Todd Phillips himself - like today's new set images, which reveal haunting new looks at Joaquin Phoenix's Joker!

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Some more random shots, cause people are digging them. I really like this first one. #classicarthur #joker

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"Some more random shots, cause people are digging them. I really like this first one. #classicarthur #joker" --Todd Phillips

It's always interesting to see Phoenix in character as Arthur Fleck - especially when he makes the conversion to full-on Joker mode. Between what Todd Phillips has shown us on social media, he and Phoenix truly had an intimate process for making Joker. There are numerous photos of director and star hammering out ideas on set, or getting downright affectionate. Take for example, the image Phillips previously shared from the last day of shooting Joker:

"All of these were taken on our last day of shooting. It was bittersweet for sure— while it felt great to be done, we also had such an intense and unique experience— and then suddenly it just ends. What a ride this film has been and it all culminated with watching Joaquin walk up on that stage this weekend. Thanks again to the entire cast and crew. And especially the fans, for seeing through all the noise and showing up." --Todd Phillips

Well, at least both Phillips and Phoenix can now rest easy, knowing that the hard work and trust paid off. Literally and figuratively.


Joker is now available on streaming and Blu-ray.