Ben Affleck Says Justice League Had One Problem After Another

Both Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice and Justice League have earned mixed reactions from fans, with Ben Affleck's portrayal of Batman being one of the most praised elements of the films, though the actor recently detailed that filming the 2017 superhero team-up had a number of setbacks, making for a much more difficult experience than filming his debut entry into the Worlds of DC franchise. While Affleck didn't detail all of the struggles of the production, he noted that director Zack Snyder departing the project after suffering a family tragedy was one of the most significant factors that contributed to the difficult experience.

"I had a better time on Batman v Superman, which I really enjoyed doing, and Justice League was, unfortunately, touched by some personal tragedy and death in Zack's family and, like I say, sometimes things work and gel and sometimes they just seem to be having one problem after another," Affleck revealed to GQ. "I really loved Batman v Superman and [Argo writer] Chris [Terrio] wrote on it and I really love Zack and I loved putting on the costume, the idea of doing the digital alteration to the voice was really interesting to me, and I had a good time. I love Detroit, a really fun city, a really cool place. My kids came out and visited me and saw me in the Batsuit and they let me borrow the suit for my son's birthday, so that was a lot of fun."

Even before the Snyder's family suffered a tragedy, the Worlds of DC franchise and plans for Justice League faced some serious challenges.

Batman v Superman was a major box office sensation, going on to earn $873.6 million worldwide, largely due to it being the first time fans had seen Batman, Superman, and Wonder Woman together on screen in a live-action film. Despite that financial success, the film only earned 28% positive reviews from critics, according to aggregator site Rotten Tomatoes.

The initial plan for Justice League was that it would be a two-part narrative, only for Snyder to later clarify that the two planned films would be different standalone stories. Plans for that 2019 follow-up film were then delayed to accommodate for a solo Batman movie, which Affleck was previously attached to develop.

Following Snyder's departure from the project, Joss Whedon stepped in to complete production and helm reshoots. The released Justice League was a condensed version of what was intended to be a two-part adventure, featuring the directorial vision of two different directors.


Affleck, among a number of fans, continues to hope that any incarnation of Snyder's original cut of the film could somehow be released.

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