'The Flash': Danielle Panabaker Says She Wants a New Killer Frost Suit

On The Flash, Danielle Panabaker plays two important members of Team Flash. Not only is she frequently saving the day with science as Caitlin Snow, but she also gets to suit up as a hero, metahuman powers and all, as Killer Frost. But, when it comes to the actual suit that Killer Frost puts on to head out and keep Central City safe, Panabaker is ready for a change.

In a recent interview with Entertainment Tonight ahead of her directorial debut with the episode "Godspeed" tonight, Panabaker revealed that she's ready for Killer Frost to get a new super suit.

"I want a new suit," Panabaker said. "The Season 4 suit was different than the Season 3 suit and I want a new suit, absolutely. Killer Frost is a little bit like Vibe in that she, and like most of the superheroes, that she has to go somewhere to put her suit on, Flash has to put his suit on. So, I'm excited to see what her suit looks like whenever she gets it."

Killer Frost -- generally -- made her debut on The Flash in Season 2, though that take on the character was on Earth-2 making that Killer Frost a parallel universe version of sorts, one more villain than hero. It's in Season 3 that Caitlin Snow started to come into her Earth-1 Killer Frost persona, having developed cryokinetic abilities that she can't really control, turning into Killer Frost personality-wise in the process. She briefly aligns herself with Savitar, but Caitlin regains control and, once Savitar is defeated, departs to find herself.

Killer Frost returns in Season 4 as Caitlin continues to struggle with that side of her personality. However, after an encounter with The Thinker, Caitlin finds herself unable to access her Killer Frost side -- and later discovers that she first turned into Killer Frost as a child, something that made her a metahuman well before the accelerator explosion responsible for the general premise of the show. Eventually in Season 5, Caitlin finds out the truth about how she gained her Killer Frost side as well as ultimately manages to get Killer Frost back, the pair beginning to work together.

With all of this development of Killer Frost, especially as how she interacts with Caitlin, it would certainly make sense for the character to get a new look. While the two women are distinctively different, their more unified front in this later part of Season 5 would make it a good time for there to be a new Killer Frost look. It would also tie nicely in to the idea that Caitlin's focus has been on her relationship with Killer Frost over the season, as opposed to a more romantic one.

"I don't know. I feel like the relationship she's been focused on this year is her relationship with Killer Frost so that's sort of her relationship with herself, so I don't know if there's romance for her this season, but maybe next year," Panabaker said.


Would you like to see Killer Frost get a new suit? If so, what do you think it would look like? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

The Flash airs Tuesdays at 8 p.m. ET on The CW.