Titans Cinematographer Confirms Barbara Gordon Debut in Season 3

Earlier this year a rumor sprouted up online that a fan-favorite DC character would be making their way to DC Universe's Titans as none other than Barbara Gordon would appear. Though Barbara reportedly wouldn't be suiting up as Batgirl, the beloved comics character would take on her other alter-ego, the tech focused Oracle. Since then there's been little discussion about the part in the series, and with production shut down due to the coronavirus there are no shooting details to really report, but someone involved in the series has confirmed the news and announced when we can expect to see the character

"Our first episode will have a new character, and it will be Barbara Gordon," Titans cinematographer and director Boris Mojsovski said in a Facebook interview. We're very excited, and there's a new set."

Barbara Gordon made her comics debut as Batgirl in Detective Comics #359 in 1967, but it wasn't until after Barbara was paralyzed by the Joker in Alan Moore's Batman: The Killing Joke that she took on the Oracle name to aid Batman and to became part of the Birds of Prey team. With Titans bringing Oracle into the series, it was previously reported that casting for the Titans role was seeking to find an actress who uses a wheelchair to portray the character. It's unclear if they've already cast the role or not.

Titans season three was previously scheduled to premiere on DC Universe in the fall with production eyed to begin this month. Due to the COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic though, filming on shows and movies around the world has been suspended around the world. As a result it's unclear when the new season of the series will make its debut or even when it will go in front of cameras.

The new season is expected to deal with the fallout of Donna Troy's (Conor Leslie) death at the end of season two and will also likely see the team take on a new threat: Komand'r, AKA Blackfire, who made her debut in season 2. Damaris Lewis is set to be a series regular in the third season of Titans, with the character sticking around to haunt her sister Starfire (Anna Diop).

ComicBook previously spoke with Lewis about playing the role of Blackfire on Titans, where she revealed what she enjoys most about this opportunity.

"My favorite part about Blackfire is that I get to play someone who doesn't fit in. And I say that because, especially looking at the world right now, I think a lot of people are waking up to the fact that they don't necessarily fit in," Lewis said. "And I always say legends don't fit in, good and bad, legends never fit in. Anybody whose name you know, you know because they don't fit in. So playing someone who, even though it wasn't the nicest decision, obviously, playing someone who recognized that she didn't fit in and recognized that she wouldn't be comfortable with the way things were, was really appealing to me and an honor to be able to portray that with empathy and really getting down to the root of the kind of beauty of being different and just being honored to play someone who's just so different."

The first two seasons of Titans are now available to stream on DC Universe.

(H/T CinemaBlend)