League of Legends: New Elemental Dragon Coming Soon

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League of Legends is all about choices. Do you dive the tower? Should you go for the early gank? Is it time for Baron? Is this dragon worth it?

Let's focus in on the last question specifically. As it stands there are four drakes in the game. The Cloud Drake will grant the team extra movement speed. The Infernal Drake will boost your team's attack damage and ability power. The Mountain Drake will help you smash down objectives much easier. The Ocean Drake will help you sustain and provide you with health and mana regen. Of course there's also the Elder Dragon but we won't key in on that as that dragon isn't part of the elemental family.

According to Meddler, League of Legends Lead Gameplay Designer, a new elemental dragon is in the works - if it fits.

"At some point (next year seems most likely) we'd like to try adding another elemental dragon to the rotation if we can find one that's distinct from the other in terms of the gameplay it rewards, has at least an ok thematic fit, and doesn't excessively favor particular team comps. Curious to hear if anyone's got any strong suggestions? We've got some ideas kicking around of course, but also really interested in hearing other viewpoints."

After seeing Meddler ask for suggestions, a fellow Rioter by the name of Jinxylord decided to join the fun and propose a dragon that most League of Legends players are familiar with.

Salt Dragon:

Has a white gem like aesthetic (kind of like a combo between wind and earth).

Attacks encrust you in salt, lowering attack speed and removing all silences.

Defeating one of these drakes will empower your team's CHAT BOXES. Salt Drakes you have killed generate inflammatory commentary in /all chat that is attributed to members of the enemy team who either have the most deaths or most kills. Additionally, Salt Drakes BLOCK inflammatory lines created by your own teammates, preventing them from appearing at all. Salt chat happens once every 90/60/30 seconds based on the number of salt drakes acquired.

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