'BioShock' Receives a $200 10-Year Anniversary Edition


BioShock is one decade old today, and with that 10-year anniversary comes a special Anniversary Collector’s Edition that includes games, statues, and more.

If you’ve been a fan of the BioShock series to stick around with the games since the first one was released 10 years ago, you’ve likely already beaten each of the titles and perhaps still own them. The games included in the 10th Anniversary Collector’s Edition might not mean quite as much to you if that’s the case, but you’ll still want to take a look at the deal for an impressive statue of the iconic Big Daddy.

The statue is a pretty impressive one, but it’ll be up to the true BioShock fans to decide whether or not it’s worth the hefty $200 price tag when combined with everything else that the Collector’s Edition offers. At 11.9 inches tall, the statue is modeled after the original BioShock game’s box art with a massive Big Daddy that’s of course accompanying by a Little Sister to keep safe. The Big Daddy’s powerful drill is also motorized, and the statue itself also features light-up components that appear to be used in the eyes of the Big Daddy and Little Sister.

For those that may not have all the games or just want to buy the collection all over again with the new statue, the anniversary deal also comes with all three BioShock games, each one of them remastered in 1080p. Each instance of DLC for the games is also included in the Collector’s Edition, so you won’t have to look anywhere else to round out your games after purchasing the anniversary bundle.

BioShock 10th Anniversary
(Photo: 2K)

2K also announced that BioShock: The Collection, a bundle that includes the three main games with their DLC and some behind-the-scenes content, is also going on sale soon to make sure everyone has a chance to visit the worlds of BioShock. A new YouTube channel has also been created to keep fan videos, memorable highights, and other videos all in one place.

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The BioShock 10th Anniversary Collector’s Edition can be purchased for $200 for the PlayStation 4 or the Xbox One through GameStop or directly through the 2K Store.