Pokemon Gets a Terrifying (and Hilarious) Horror Movie Parody

The Pokemon franchise just got a bit more gory thanks to a new parody trailer.

Funny or Die released a new video for "Ash vs. Evil Pokemon" a mashup of the Evil Dead franchise and the popular video game franchise. The three minute trailer shows an older Ash Ketchum (played by Blake Jenner) coming out of retirement to battle a massive outbreak of Pokemon in the United States.

While a younger Ash probably would have just "caught 'em all," this hardened warrior instead gruesomely butchers the Pokemon, usually with some terrible and cringeworthy one-liners. Ash grimly explains that "smoking kills" after killing a Charmander with a fire extinguisher, and he tells a Haunter to "Pokemon Go to hell" while attempting to banish it with a cross. By the end of the trailer, Ash's iconic outfit is drenched in blood and Pokemon guts.

While the Pokemon seem harmless throughout most of the trailer, we do get a hint at what makes these Pokemon so dangerous when Ash confronts a Pikachu at the end of the trailer.

We don't know what caused Ash to turn away from his Pokemon master aspirations, but it could have something to do with the deaths of Brock and Misty...but definitely not Gary, who he still seems to dislike after all these years.

Of course, the Pokemon franchise contains plenty of creepy creatures and lore, but the new Funny or Die sketch will probably give Pokemon fans a giggle or two. However, video game fans who are a bit sick of hearing about Pokemon all the time will probably get the most sadistic joy out of watching Ash butcher Pokemon for nearly three minutes.