Dragon Ball FighterZ Livestream Accidentally Reveals How Dragon Balls Work

A recent Dragon Ball FighterZ livestream showed off a bit more of the fighting game than it perhaps intended with viewers getting a first look at how the Dragon Balls will work.

Collecting the Dragon Balls is the goal for the TV shows the majority of the time, so it makes sense that they’d be equally valued in the games. Until the livestream, all that was known about them was that they could be collected, but it’s now been confirmed that they’ve got four different uses in-game.

According to translations from HiFight, when you collect all the Dragon Balls in your matches, you can give your team an insane boost right away. The gif below shows the options that were seen during the livestream along with their translated meanings.

HiFight also commented that the shot of the Dragon Balls’ powers weren’t supposed to be shown during the livestream which would explain why the commentators didn’t have anything to say about them. Judging by their reactions to showing it in the full video that’s seen here, it definitely looks as though they didn’t intend to reveal this bit of information.

One of the biggest questions that remains about the Dragon Balls for now is whether the wish-making feature can be toggled on and off for competitive matches. During fights between friends, it makes sense that the Dragon Balls could be enabled for a fun effect, but they might not be a welcome feature in tournaments or other competitive matches. Reviving a knocked-out teammate or fully healing your entire team is an instant game-changer, so hardcore fighters will likely hope for an option to opt out of the feature.

If you’re unfamiliar with how you even obtain Dragon Balls, it looks like it has to do with the combos that you land. Putting out higher combos will result in earning different Dragon Balls, so while it’ll still be a skill-based challenge to earn them, it could easily turn into a grinding effort to pick fighters that can spam combos just to earn Dragon Balls.

More information wasn’t given on the feature that was accidently shown, but now that it’s out in the open, additional details will likely come soon on the specifics of the Dragon Balls.

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