Overwatch Banning Players By The Hundreds, Daily

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Earlier this year, Overwatch Game Director Jeff Kaplan and the crew opened up about the toxicity in gaming and let players in on their plans to combat the negativity and poor player behavior. It looks like they are making good on this promise, because Blizzard just upped up their ante quite a bit in terms of toxic behaviour and quitters.

Before, the Overwatch team made sure to be involved with player complaints and those team members that admitted to throwing matches. That wasn't enough if their eyes, however, and the efforts to make the hit FPS for enjoyable have just doubled. What perfect timing too, both with the new map and new character on the way.

The team took to the forum to discuss their newly revived efforts, with a renewed focus on their Chinese player base. Team member "Crini" took to the forums to discuss the overall plans on how they are effectively banning hundreds of players a day:

Roughly translated, original version here.

"At present, we find some players in the game have negative game behavior, including but not limited to repeated temporary absence, no participation in the game, malicious hang up. These behaviors have affected the normal player's gaming experience. Negative game behavior not only violated "watch over the vanguard" competitive spirit, in violation of the relevant game management rules, but also to other serious players to experience the game had a tremendous negative impact.

After detailed and rigorous verification by the staff, we will penalize players who have been identified as having negative competitions and will also monitor and crack down on such negative behaviors in the long term.

We are always committed to provide a fair and friendly game environment for the players, if you encounter similar negative game in the game, please report the game to our feedback, all the whistle-blowing information will have someone to follow-up verification, please rest assured. More relevant provisions, see Blizzard online rules and regulations .

Finally, thank you once again for the "watch vanguard" love and support, thank you!"

It's good to see them so vigilant in the game's community. As they have mentioned, it's much more than just an "annoyance", it's a serious violation that does impede upon a player's enjoyable of the title. Blizzard is known for their love of community, it only makes sense that they are adamant about a solid gaming community within their games.