Someone Recreated Spider-Man: Homecoming’s Poster In Super Mario Odyssey


Having a Photo Mode in a video game allows gamers to be really creative, whether it’s getting a picture of Mario’s butt in Super Mario Odyssey or taking incredible portraits of the world in Horizon Zero Dawn. But then you have the folks that are really creative and knock it out of the park – like Marianne Thornberry.

This creative user recently tried her hand at the Photo Mode in Super Mario Odyssey to recreate a familiar poster from one of this year’s biggest movies – Spider-Man: Homecoming. And she did a great job with it, right down to Mario chilling with the city in the background (even though Peach is in danger from Bowser trying to marry her and everything – I guess sometimes even heroes need a break, and Mario has been through a lot and all).

The poster pose is about the same, with the hero lying back and taking it easy for a moment while the city sits in the background. The tilt of the camera, about 45 degrees or so, is exactly the same, and Marianne even went as far as to recreate the similar font to Homecoming’s poster, but with a mushroom in place of the “O”. It’s pretty damn close in similarity, even if we don’t have the Avengers tower in the background. (They apparently don’t take up residence in New Donk City – at least, not yet.)

You can check out the comparative images below – and maybe that just might be the thing to inspire you to give Photo Mode a try and see what you can come up with. Who knows, maybe you can do something Indiana Jones-related in Uncharted 4, or something along those lines. Kudos to Marianne on her great work on this one. We can’t wait to see what she comes up with next – maybe something that could be Thor: Ragnarok oriented? (That’s not a challenge or anything. Well, maybe it is.)


Super Mario Odyssey is available now for Nintendo Switch, and you can also check out Spider-Man: Homecoming on 4K Blu-Ray, Blu-Ray, DVD and digital HD formats. They both make ideal Christmas gifts, for yourself and for others.