Ash Regains His Super Strength in Pokemon Anime

Ash has regained his secret superpower in the Pokemon anime.

One of the running jokes among long time Pokemon fans is that Ash has super strength, as evidenced by his ability to carry insanely heavy Pokemon and items with barely any trouble. Ash has effortlessly carried Pokemon like Larvitar and Hippopotas, despite them weighing well over 100 pounds. Ash has even tossed giant logs like they were javelins, a feat that's usually limited to Scottish strongmen.

But in Pokemon the Series: Sun and Moon, Ash seemingly lost his freakish strength and struggled to move logs that once could throw around with ease. Since Pokemon the Series: Sun and Moon is much more of a "slice of life" anime than past Pokemon shows, it made sense that Ash suddenly acted like a normal 11 year old boy instead of child Superman.

Well, in the latest episode of Pokemon the Series: Sun and Moon that aired in Japan, Ash has regained his ability to carry things far heavier than he should. Ash recently found and befriended a Cosmog, a rare Pokemon that (unknown to him) eventually evolves into the Legendary Pokemon Solgaleo and Lunala.

A villain recently kidnapped Cosmog in order to unlock its ability to open wormholes into another dimension, and in the process Cosmog evolved into Cosmoem, a tiny but superdense Pokemon. While Cosmoem is only four inches tall (making it one of the smallest Pokemon in the world) it weighs over 2,200 pounds...making it the heaviest Pokemon in the world.

So, if Cosmoem weighs over a ton, why is Ash carrying around without breaking a sweat?

It looks like Ash has finally regained his super strength, and he seems to even passed on his abilities to Pikachu....

People are already theorizing whether Ash is just that strong, or whether Cosmoem has a special ability that allows people to carry it while it's in a dormant state.

Ash will interact with Cosmoem's evolved form next week, so his sudden surge in strength will probably go unreferenced in the show. Meanwhile, fans will continue to speculate whether Ash actually lost his strength, or if he was just feigning weakness to pass off as a normal 11 year old child.