Dr. DisRespect Crashes Twitch with His Return to Streaming

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Dr. DisRespect has officially made his return to streaming, or at least he tried to before the Twitch channel appeared to buckle under the traffic that the streamer’s comeback brought.

Following an announcement from the streamer that came last month when Dr. DisRespect said that he’d be returning to Twitch during the month of February, the day finally came when viewers logged onto Twitch to check his channel for a stream. However, many who tried were met with a notice that the channel was unavailable, a problem that’s happened before when streamers brought in a ton of traffic at one time.

The self-proclaimed “Face of Twitch” took a break from streaming after he himself announced that he had cheated on his wife and would be taking some time away from his full-time streaming job to focus on his family issues. This announcement came just after he won an award during The Game Awards for his popularity in the streaming community. Not long after announcing that he would be spending time away from Twitch to focus on his personal problems, both he and his wife returned with a Twitter video that showed the two of them together and previewed his impending return to the streaming platform.

Following the server issues that affected Dr. DisRespect’s Twitch channel, it appears that everything is working as is should now with the stream proceeding as normally as a Dr. DisRespect stream could hope for. The mustache-clad streamer returned with his signature wig, glasses, and facial hair while touting his “Champions Club” group, and at least for now. It seems as though there are no more server issues to be had, but hundreds of thousands of viewers have already flooded into the channel with over 300,000 viewers watching at the time of this writing.

For the time being, Dr. DisRespect is just bantering with his viewers about his time away from Twitch. He’s currently listed as playing PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, a game that he’s spent quite a bit of time on, but he’s also mentioned taking part in some H1Z1 as well.

You can watch Dr. DisRespect’s stream above or follow his Twitch channel to keep up with more videos.