Dragon Ball FighterZ Bug Sends Players Flying Off Screen

Flying in the Dragon Ball series can be a good or a bad thing depending on whether a fighter chose to fly or got sent flying, but this Dragon Ball FighterZ bug that makes players float off the screen is somewhere in the middle.

An unexpected outcome to a specific input combination during a fight results in a fighter casually lifting off the ground and soaring upwards. While players can get knocked pretty high in the air by various attacks, they’ll eventually come back down, but this bug makes players rise higher and higher until they’re not even visible on the screen any more.

The bug was spotted by HiFight, a Twitter account that shares clips of highlights from fighting games. This high-flying outcome results from teching a Dragon Rush – countering it for those who don’t know fighting game terms – during the landing frames of a jumping backdash. Doing so techs the Dragon Rush like normal to end in a stalemate but is soon followed by an upward drift out of view.

Once you’re up there, there aren’t a lot of options at your disposal. The clip from HiFight shows that Z Assists can still be used where players call in the help of a teammate for a quick attack. The normal array of light, medium, and heavy attacks can still be used, though it’s not like they’re going to hit opponents from that high up.

As far as getting back down, the video doesn’t show a method to get back on the ground yourself, but there are a few attacks that could possibly reset the fighting stage assuming the bug doesn’t persist and make you float right back up again. The Vanish attack is the most obvious one that’ll put players right behind an opponent, but other warp attacks might also do the trick. Of course, you could always enlist the help of your opponent with a dunk from Android 16 that’ll bring you right back down to Earth.