Tokyo Department Store to Sell Insanely Expensive Solid Gold Pikachu Statues

If you love shiny valuable things and Pikachu, the latest piece of Japanese merchandise is for you.

PokeShopper is reporting that the Tokyo Takashimaya department store will be selling solid gold 24 karat Pikachu statues for a very limited time. These statues are about an inch tall and will cost a whopping 432,000 yen (about $4,000) a piece. For those who don't want to burn $4,000 on a gold Pokemon statue, the store is also selling 24 karat gold medallions for a more modest 162,000 yen (about $1,600.) Obviously, both items will be available only in limited qualities.

These ridiculously expensive pieces of Pokemon merchandise are part of a new Shopping Campaign that will coincide with the opening of a new Pokemon Center and permanent Pokemon cafe in the store. In addition to the Pokemon Center, Takashimaya is also setting up a special mini-store featuring original Pikachu-themed goods. Dozens of oversized Pikachu mascots will also visit Takashimaya when the Pokemon Center opens on March 24th and March 25th.

Anyone who goes shopping at the department store will also receive a special shopping bag featuring artwork depicting dozens of Pikachu standing outside of the store.

Other non-solid gold merchandise available at Takashimaya next week include shoes, special wooden plates shaped like PokeBalls, towels, kitchen items, and even a special coffee mug.


The pop-up cafe will feature everything from an Eevee burger to a hot drink served in a Pikachu mug with Pikachu foam art. The Pokemon Cafe is expected to be packed, so the cafe is already opening up reservations to visit over a month in advance. Those who reserve a space at the cafe can also pre-order certain exclusive merchandise available only at the store.

For those who can't get into the Pokemon Cafe and can't afford any solid gold merch, Takashimaya will also open a special photo area on March 22-27 so that you can at least prove to your friends that you actually got to see Pikachu in his new natural habitat.