Sea of Thieves is Definitely Not Meant to Play Solo

Pirate Party

Sea of Thieves is the shared-world pirate adventure now available for Xbox One and Windows 10 players. Let me emphasize that one more time ... it is a shared-world adventure. Shared. SHARED. Though our full review is still in progress, we're seeing a lot of hate for the online game and now that I've tanked more hours than I'd care to admit with it having only just released, I thought I'd clear up a few misconceptions.

Since day one, Rare has marketed this game as a title that is meant ... designed ... destined to be played with others. Sure, there is a mechanic that allows you to play with randoms, but where this title truly shines is when played with friends.

The first time I logged in, no one in my crew had it yet so it was just me and two other randoms. The communication was ... well, crap. That's the risk you run with randoms, so I ended up jumping overboard to swim to my own adventures. I battled some sharks, took out some skeletons, ate more bananas than I have ever consumed in my entire life. It was ... an experience. Not one I think I would actively seek out by my lonesome again but there was a certain level of peace to it.

The next day, I tried again.

Party invites sent to my best friend Eric and my husband and we got our ship going and grogged it up. The experience took a complete 180! We were laughing at capturing pigs and making them our "bros," we sought sweet sweet revenge for enemies that decided to gang up on one of us. It was a blast. Though the gameplay itself wasn't "life altering" ... it's not really meant to be. It's meant to be a shared experience that is all about the players, not necessarily what's being played.


That being said, despite its cartoonish charm - the graphics were actually stunning! The waves crashing about the ship's hull, the churning colour scheme as the sun began to set. There is so much about this game that is enjoyable but players need to be aware of what type of game this is before going in. If you're expecting a thrilling narrative of heroics, you will be very disappointed. It's not meant to be that, so it's not that. It's about the waves, the experience, and a few of your closest buds.

Sea of Thieves is now available for Xbox One and Windows 10 (and it's cross platform!).