Lego The Incredibles May Have a Release Date, According To Retail Listing

Lego The Incredibles

Earlier this week, we found out through a toy package that we would be getting a Lego game involving The Incredibles, Disney/Pixar’s heroic family. The game looks to be very official, though Warner Bros. hasn’t announced it just yet. The box art for the game indicates it was coming “this year,” but a new retail listing indicates we could be getting it much sooner than we think.

According to this retail listing over at Amazon Canada, Lego The Incredibles is officially listed for Nintendo Switch – and currently has a release date of June 15.

Now, that’s no coincidence, as June 15 is the same day that The Incredibles 2 from Disney/Pixar and director Brad Bird hits theaters. We’ve already seen a good amount of trailers for that forthcoming movie, but, oddly enough, still no announcement from Warner Bros. pertaining to the game. Perhaps it’s waiting more till around April to confirm it and show off official gameplay, which should revolve around both of the films in the series.

Warner Bros. had no word about the listing, but it’s still up at the moment, indicating that it’s not really an error. So the game will happen; it’s just a matter of waiting for the publisher to confirm everything.

Now, in an earlier story, we noted that not only was Lego The Incredibles was in the works, but also a DC Villains game, continuing WB’s fine tradition of involving superheroes in Lego video games. We still haven’t heard any word on that one either, but that announcement could come around E3 time, when the company is prepping a big family game for the holiday season; while Lego The Incredibles would obviously fill the void over the summer season.

We’ll let you know once WB officially says something about Lego The Incredibles, but with the movie less than three months away from hitting theaters, it can’t be too long now before we hear something about it, as we noted above.


We just hope that the Underminer shows up. Because, you know, he’s undermining. And hearing John Ratzenberger is always a joy to hear in video games.

Lego The Incredibles, developed by TT Games, will supposedly release this summer for Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch and PC.