Far Cry 5's First Live Event Now Available

Far Cry 5’s first Live Event of many to come is now available with a flamethrower and an outfit earned by completing some fittingly fiery tasks.

The game’s first live event is called Well Done, an event that requires players to set some of Montana’s critters on fire in a display that would make Sharky Boshaw proud. According to a tweet from the Far Cry 5 Twitter account that shared some visuals for the new Live Event, players will only have until April 10 to complete the challenge in order to earn the rewards that are up for grabs.

While players will have to set animals on fire in order to complete the quest, there’s a bit of a twist to the challenge. Flamethrowers and molotovs are out of the question when trying to complete the event, so players will have to get creative with their fire-starting tactics. Fortunately, fire spreads pretty easily in Far Cry 5, so targeting animals shouldn’t be too hard. The repair tool that also acts as a short-range fire weapon, explosive canisters, vehicle explosions, incendiary rounds, and other fire attacks that don’t utilize flamethrowers or molotovs are advised for the challenge.


Silver Bars will be awarded as players progress through the challenge, and once the goal of 20 fire kills has been reached, players will be given the Flamebearer flamethrower. Community involvement will also play a part in the challenges by giving players the chance to earn more Silver Bars depending on how many kills the community earns. If 150,000 community kills are accumulated, players will receive the Flamebearer outfit that’s previewed alongside the weapon in the above tweet.

Far Cry 5 Live Reward
(Photo: Ubisoft)

Even though players will have to get creative with their kills, it still seems like a fairly easy task to complete for a first Live Event. Some players have expressed concerns with the quality of the first rewards that are being offered by pointing out that the flamethrower appears to be a reskinned weapon as opposed to one that would add greater variety to arsenals, but Well Done is just the first Live Event to be added to the game. Ubisoft previewed the Live Events prior to Far Cry 5’s release as a way to provide content over time between the upcoming DLC releases, so expect more Live Events and rewards to come in the future.