Overkill’s The Walking Dead Gets New Survival-Based Gameplay Details

The Walking Dead

Slowly but surely, Overkill’s The Walking Dead is creeping up on us - in an awesome way. Just a few days ago, we posted a new teaser for the game, showcasing a new heroine named Maya that will bring the fight to the undead.

Today, thanks to the latest issue of the Official PlayStation Magazine (which you can read more about here), Starbreeze provided some additional details about the game, and while it’s not overflowing with information, there is some new meat for fans to gnaw on here.

Starbreeze global brand director Almir Listo talked to the outlet, first explaining what kind of tone the game is going for. Rather than going for something fast and loose like Overkill’s previously released PayDay 2, the team is going more for something along the lines of Game of Thrones. Expect things to go dark very quickly in this game. He didn’t go much further into the story than that, but expect a ton of death as it unfolds.

That’s not all. Listo also noted that the game will feature weapon maintenance, so that you won’t automatically have a sure-fire gun to turn to. In fact, if you don’t take care of it, there’s a pretty good chance that it could very well jam on you -- and when you’ve got a horde of zombies coming your way, that’s very bad news.

The Walking Dead will also utilize a base camp and a crafting/maintenance system that will be quite similar to Sony’s The Last of Us, so that you can manage your resources accordingly, and perhaps even tend to fellow players should they need it. But you’ll want to be careful how you use these resources, because they’re likely to run scarce over the course of the game. Overkill is all about realism here, and using whatever skills you have in order to survive. Get sloppy, and more than likely it’s game over for you.

Finally, the game will have customization available, as well as character skins, which will probably become unlocked over the course of the game. Listo didn’t go into details in terms of what these entain, but expect some sweet designs. (A PayDay 2 bank robber outfit, perhaps…?)


That’s really about all Listo revealed at the time of the report, but we’ll likely get to know more about Overkill’s The Walking Dead in a couple of months. Starbreeze will more than likely have the game at E3 in some capacity, so players can check it out before it releases for Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC later this year. We’ll bring you any new details that we come across!

(Hat tip to GamingBolt for the info!)