Fortnite Battle Royale Getting the Light Machine Gun Soon


You’ve got a who’s who of great weapons to choose from in Fortnite, and chances are you can shop for a good amount of them in the nearby Vending Machine that recently popped up in the game. But it wouldn’t hurt to have something sufficient, yet light when it comes to its usage. And that’s where the Light Machine Gun comes in.

The weapon, which initially made its debut in the Save the World mode, is officially making its way to Battle Royale. The team over at Fortnite Intel confirmed the news earlier today, with an update that clearly shows the light machine gun is on the way.

Though the news section doesn’t detail it fully, we do get to know a little something about the weapon. For instance, it has a fast rate of fire, making it ideal for close range skirmishes. It also carries a large magazine, so you don’t have to worry about reloading it so much -- though you still want to watch where you shoot. Finally, it has a slow reload, so once you do run out of bullets, it’s probably advisable that you find cover while you do so. You can see the image with the light machine gun below.

Fortnite 2
(Photo: Fortnite Intel)

In addition, the Storm Shield One weapon database notes that the gun is likely to be found in Rare and Epic variants with 25 and 26 damage, respectively, along with a capacity of about 100 bullets per magazine. That makes it a light and handy weapon when you’re getting into a firefight with other folks.

Epic Games hasn’t revealed when the light machine gun will be available within the mode. But considering that it’s popped up within the news section, it wouldn’t be a surprise if we saw it become available over the next week. We’ll certainly keep you informed as to when you can get your hands on it and spray down some gunfire on the competition. That, along with the other weapons that you’ll have on hand, should make for some interesting battles for that glorious Victory Royale!


Fortnite is available now for Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC, as well as mobile devices.

(Hat tip to Fortnite Intel for the scoop!)