Hallmark Will Offer Up Nintendo Christmas Ornaments This Holiday Season

Mario Kart

Even though we’re still a few months away from this year’s holiday season, it never hurts to get ready early, right? The last thing you need to do is scramble to find all the perfect stuff for that Christmas dinner. (Well, okay, maybe you can wait until July.)

But one company that’s already set to get into the holiday swing of things is Hallmark, as it has been revealed that it will be selling three different classic Nintendo ornaments which will put a little bit of gaming spark in your holidays.

According to the Video Game Arts & Tidbits Twitter account, the three ornaments that the chain will be selling this holiday season include a classic Mario Kart one, with Mario holding a checkered flag while driving a kart; a classic Legend of Zelda ornament, featuring Link in a crouched defensive position; and a Donkey Kong arcade game, though it’s unknown if it’ll play sounds like the company’s previous Pac-Man and Galaga ornaments.

You can see the tweet and the pictures of the ornaments below:

Pricing and release dates for the ornaments haven’t been revealed just yet but they’ll likely become available in late November, right before the holiday rush kicks off on Black Friday. It’s also unknown if Hallmark and Nintendo will be teaming up again for future ornament designs -- we’d kill for a Samus Aran one -- but we wouldn’t be surprised if they did.


But there you go -- you’ve got some time to plan ahead and add more video game fun to your Christmas tree or Hanukkah display or Boxing Day set-up or whatever holiday you’d like to celebrate. These will certainly fit any occasion and put you in a gaming frame of mind.

We’ll let you know as soon as they become available -- after we order ours, of course...