Full Fortnite Season 4 Breakdown With Epic Games

The fourth season for Fortnite officially kicked off this week and there were a lot of changes that came with it. From noticeable map alterations, hidden lairs, and a plethora of new cosmetic items, there's a lot of 'new' in the popular online title from Epic Games. To help players get better acquainted, a new developer video has been shared to walk us through some of the bigger changes seen in-game.

Epic Games' own David Spalinski took center stage to discuss the Season 4 Battle Pass and map changes that many players have already noticed. The first part of the video breaks down the Battle Pass and what's different for current pass owners, and what incentives there are to joining the dark side (I had to, it's May 4th). "Play games, complete challenges, and tier up the Battle Pass," Spalinski explains.

So what's different than season 3? The biggest difference is not necessarily life-altering to the gameplay experience, but it definitely is fun. They don't offer in-game perks or anything like that, they're just a colourful way to express yourself in a title that really just doesn't take itself too seriously. And that's not a bad thing! Sometimes, you just want to unwind and have a good time with buds and that's exactly what Fortnite has to offer. There's challenge, there's an objective, but there is also just having fun playing a game that's meant for just that. These can be unlocked through the Battle Pass as well!

Another change is being able to unlock upgrades to those sweet, sweet skins to show off to other players that you mean business. Unlock a full set, be the badass you were always meant to be. Challenges have also returned to give players a chance to earn those Battle Stars and unlock in-game goodies, including loading screens that "add to the narrative of season 4."


Now onto the map update! That comet has finally hit and left scars all over the map. The Dusty Depot is no more, instead leaving the Dusty Divot in its wake. A new drive-in theater area has also been added, with a few hidden surprises along the way.

Fornite Season 4 is live now for Xbox One, PlayStation 4, PC, and iOS players!