Play As Superwoman In Star Wars: Battlefront II With This Mod


Superhero movies are at an apex right now on the big screen and with DC and Marvel fans alike eagerly anticipating the the movies that have yet to come, there's are still a few ways to enjoy that fandom pride right now. With it being May the Fourth and all, we decided to do a little mix and match bringing what we love from the comics realm into Star Wars media.

With this Star Wars Battlefront II mod, you can combine your love for Leia with that of Superwoman while battling it out on Endor. The mod itself is incredibly easy, it's simply a reskin of Endor Leia to look loosely like that of Superwoman. Nothing major, but enough to be pretty freaking cool if you're like me and just love to mod everything. Plus, it's a little bit of both for this Star Wars holiday and it's definitely not too much of a bad thing.


Interested in checking out the mod for yourself? You can see the latest creation from Szepli right here on Nexus Mods. This mod is only available for PC players at this time.

In other Star Wars Battlefront II news, check out the latest hotfix to see the few things tweaked following the Ewok Hunt event:

"In this hotfix we’re focusing our efforts on a few balance changes that were really impacting Ewok Hunt, as well as a specific crash fix on the Xbox One.


And one last thing – Thank you all so much for all of your positive feedback around Ewok Hunt! We’ve been enjoying the flood of images and videos you’ve all been sharing. Keep it coming!"

  • Fixed a crash issue on Xbox One
  • Fixed a lighting issue in a cave on Endor affecting Ewok Hunt
  • Fixed an issue with Troopers being able to climb trees in Ewok Hunt
  • Fixed an issue where the Specialist’s Infiltration Ability was not highlighting enemies on the mini-map

Star Wars Battlefront II is available now for Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC players. May the Fourth be with you!