'Dragon Ball FighterZ,' 'Xenoverse 2' Celebrate Goku Day With Bonuses

May 9 is Goku Day, and that means that Bandai Namco is celebrating the holiday by sharing some free bonuses with Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 and Dragon Ball FighterZ players.

The publisher of both of the Dragon Ball games announced the limited-time incentives on Twitter with a tweet that included everything that Dragon Ball fans can earn today by playing both of the games. Goku loot will be available in both games, but if you’re still playing Xenoverse 2, you can earn some TP Medals and bonus experience for your troubles once the event has concluded. Take note of just how many TP Medals you’ll be earning, a fitting number given the occasion.

If you didn’t even know that today is Goku Day, you’re definitely not alone. Though many Dragon Ball fans probably know their lore inside and out, May 9 might not be set on your calendar as the big day for the anime and manga’s always-overcoming protagonist. The character holiday comes from a Japanese number pun that’s created by Goku’s name. Take the month of May and put that together with the “ku” portion of “Goku” meaning the number nine and you get May 9, the day that’s all about Goku. If you’ve ever seen Goku wearing a jacket that has a “59” on it and wondered why, now you’ll know.


Of course, May 9 is also shared with another Dragon Ball character as well. As much as fans of Goku have been saying that it’s Goku Day, Piccolo fans aren’t letting go of the fact that it’s also Piccolo Day. Bandai Namco seems to be alright with the adversaries-turned-friends sharing the day, though you’ll only be getting bonuses for Goku today.

All you have to do to get the bonuses is play either of the games today before the event ends, but Bandai Namco didn’t give an exact time for when the bonuses will become unavailable. To be better safe than sorry, just log in for a while today and celebrate Goku Day to get your rewards and stick around in Xenoverse 2 for a bit longer to get the most out of the double XP.