Fortnite Replay Recreates Childish Gambino's 'This Is America'

Fortnite This Is America
(Photo: SMGxPrincess)

Fortnite’s replay system has now led to the recreation of Childish Gambino’s music video for his new “This Is America” song.

The content creator responsible for turning Gambino’s new video into a Fortnite remix using the game’s replay system is SMGxPrincess who shared the video to the battle royale game’s subreddit. The full video that’s seen below includes just about everything that could possibly be included using Fortnite assets starting from the “This Is Fortnite” message in the beginning all the way up to the storm that closes in on The Reaper (John Wick) who’s representing Gambino himself in the video.

I recreated "This Is America" using the replay system. Hope you like it. from r/FortNiteBR

This video was also uploaded to YouTube and can be seen here, but that version doesn’t include the lyrics for “This Is America” due to copyright restrictions. An extra detail was even included in the YouTube video in the form of the thumbnail that was used, the image shown above that’s also a remake of the thumbnail used in Gambino’s video before hitting play.

Fortnite has no shortage of dances and emotes to use, so it’s no wonder that some of the moves shown in the video actually line up pretty well to Gambino’s own movies in the official music video. The “Hype” emote wasn’t seen though despite it showing up in the original video, a move that’s better known as the “Shoot” dance, but SMGxPrincess responded to questions about that by saying that a high enough level hadn’t been reached just yet to unlock the dance.


There’s one part nearly two minutes into the video that did end up looking slightly glitchy though during the recreation of the church shooting scene. The creator of the video again responded to questions about this part and attributed the problem to how many scenes there were stacked on top of each other while making the video, but it appears that that’s the only scene with some technical issues.

Gambino’s original song and video are filled to the brim with social and political commentary and is worth a watch on its own if not just to see how similar the original and the remake are. Those cultural references don’t exactly translate in Fortnite, of course, but they scenes in the Fortnite video will make more sense having seen the original. There’s also been a discussion about whether it’s appropriate to make memes of the video and its messages or not, but this recreation honestly shouldn’t be unexpected given how much is possible with Fortnite’s replay system and how relevant the video and song are right now.