Rumor: Fallout 76 Leak Reveals Huge Story Details


When Bethesda revealed Fallout 76 ahead of E3 2018, many were surprised by the teaser trailer - but not for the reason you might think. Though the video did what a teaser is supposed to do - tease - it did leave a lot of questions in its wake. Questions that many media outlets have attempted to answer including us here at ComicBook, Kotaku, IGN, and more. With our sources combined, we've found that the Fallout franchise might be making a dramatic turn, not unlike the Elder Scrolls series did with The Elder Scrolls Online. But in a gaming culture where the knee-jerk reaction to the world "online" is automatic hatred, what will the true game actually bring? According to a recent leak, quite a bit actually.

Many concerns that were brought up when the 'dreaded' online talk began was that Fallout 76 will be leaving behind the RPG aspects that made it so iconic. Online doesn't mean a cancellation of the story, many games have proven that in the past, but according to this leak we potentially know just how much the story will be prevalent. According to a recent post on Reddit, here are the bullet points they hit:

  • Still an RPG
  • Voiced protagonist will be optional
  • Even more dialogue options
  • Skill system overhaul
  • "Rebuilding" will be heavily emphasized, more settlements
  • Main quest will be fruitful, side quests will have more meaning following Fallout 4 feedback
  • Shortly after the Great War, meaning Police Officers, Military, and other "day job" veterans will still be around
  • Main story will be vault-focused
    • "An example of a major player in the story is an Irish ghoul who acts as one of the game's 5 companions"
    • He married Stanislaus Braun's daughter
  • Major Antagonist (potential ally) details
    • Former US Army Captain, compared to Hannibal.
  • "More lovecraftian god worshipping inbred rednecks similar to point lookout" (Alright?)
  • No supermutants
  • Significant lore changes

The leak also mentioned that Fallout: New Vegas' Chris Avellone would be taking point on the main questline, which has already been debunked by Avellone himself. Like all leaks, take this with a massive grain of salt but if even 10% of this is true, that could mean big things for the franchise and help to alleviate some of those fears!

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