The Division 2 Gets New Cinematic Trailer, Co-Op, Raid and Free Content Details

Yesterday, Ubisoft revealed a new trailer and the release date for its forthcoming The Division 2, which puts the world into a whole new kind of danger when a smallpox wiped out the economy as we know it, forcing people to fight for survival. Today, that story continue with the debut of a new cinematic trailer, showing just how devastated the world has become.

It begins by focusing on what appears to be a typical neighborhood with a little girl playing around. But soon we see that the world is much more sinister than we expected, as she’s actually playing in comfort behind a steel wall. On the outside, the world has pretty much gone to hell.

We then see a guy get ambushed by a pair of well-armed soldiers, getting his hand stomped on. Meanwhile, the view, which is all in a continuous shot, moves to inside a diner, where a woman and her younger child are hiding to avoid being noticed by the patrol.

We then go outside the diner to one of the city streets, where we see a decomposing deer carcass being eaten away by bugs. Just a little bit further from that, we see a number of makeshift graves in an urban graveyard, and then see another guard taking a woman prisoner and leading her over to another point, aiming a gun at her head and shooting her off-screen.

After that, we’re finally introduced to some set of hope, as one of the heroes in the game gets a look at a small piece of documentation before being joined by a pair of soldiers, ready to take back Washington D.C. before it’s too late.

This, paired up with the gameplay footage that we saw yesterday, is really painting quite a bleak picture for The Division 2. But it’s also far more driven than the snowy surroundings that we saw in the original game.

During the presentation, we were also told about the cool unlocks you’ll be able to get over the course of the game, as well as exclusive skins for weapons and other abilities that will help you define your gameplay experience.

And during the presentation, Ubisoft confirmed that the game will support up to eight players. It will also have raids, which sent the crowd cheering into a frenzy. It also noted plans for the first year of content, including three expansions, with world events and more. They’ll also be free, so you won’t have to worry about buying a season pass.


Those interested in the game will be able to register for a beta very soon. We'll bring you more details soon!

You can check out The Division 2 on March 15 for Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC.