Spider-Man PS4 Pros Are Already Being Sold For Huge Amounts Of Money On eBay

Marvel's Spider-Man Limited Edition PS4 Pro Bundle isn't even sold out yet, and it's already selling for big stacks on second-party seller sites like eBay.

For those that missed it: earlier this month Sony Interactive Entertainment unveiled a brand-new, limited edition Marvel's Spider-Man-themed PS4 Pro. Upon reveal, Spider-Man fans, naturally, went a little bit crazy. And who can blame them. Look at this bad, red mamma jamma:

ps4 pro
(Photo: Sony Interactive Entertainment)

No seriously look at this thing:

spider-man ps4 pro
(Photo: Sony Interactive Entertainment)

Slow down. Appreciate this controller stolen from the Metropolitan Museum of Art:

ps4 controller
(Photo: Sony Interactive Entertainment)

If there is one thing the world can agree on, it's that this is some pure hardware wizardry. That said, it shouldn't come as a surprise that the limited edition console is already sold out on Amazon, everyone's favorite place to buy everything. But luckily, if you haven't picked yours up yet, it's not sold out everywhere. In fact, it appears Amazon ate all of the order demand, because it's still available at Best Buy, and GameStop (at least at the moment of writing this).

However, despite not even being out of stock yet, eBay sellers have already began flooding the storefront with their pre-orders of the system, and naturally, the prices are pretty outrageous.

Of all the listings on the first page, only one is at the price-point of the console's actual price: $399.99 USD. The rest are all mostly $500 and up. Some are over $600. And there's even a few nearing $800. The worst part of the whole thing: there's already bidding on some of the “cheaper” listings, while other mid-range price-hikes are being “watched” by some prospective buyers. It's tragic.

That said, if you want one of these consoles, then be sure to pre-order soon. If anything, these prices on eBay are a fair warning sign of what is to come when the console is completely out of stock.


Marvel's Spider-Man is poised to release on September 7th. For more information, pre-order options, and media of the Marvel's Spider-Man Limited Edition PS4 Pro Bundle, click here (note, if you click on that, you'll probably close the window with four new PS4 Pros...so be careful.)

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