'Marvel's Spider-Man' Player Finds a Stock Photo Used for Peter Parker's Mom

One Marvel’s Spider-Man player has found a stock photo that appears to have been the image used to create the PlayStation 4 games’ version of Peter Parker’s mother.

Like other Spider-Man comics, movies, and games, Parker’s parents aren’t around with Aunt May mentioning at one point that Parker was an orphan. The game doesn’t touch on this part of Parker’s life much aside from some conversations with Aunt May whether in-person or while Parker is swinging around as Spider-Man, but there is one instance where an image of Parker’s mom is seen in the image that one player has now connected to a stock photo.

Sharing the comparison of the two images on the “SpidermanPS4” subreddit, a Reddit user by the name of btallon2 posted a side-by-side image of Parker’s mom and the stock photo that appears to have been used to create the in-game image. The poster joked that they’d used the exact same stock image in a work project and made the connection from that.

Found the stock photo Insomniac used for Peter's mom from r/SpidermanPS4

Pretty much everything about the two images lines up except for some details like the hair and some slight changes to the face. Aside from the facial features that largely match up, the most telling parts of the comparison are how the shirt collar lays and how the arms are crossed with just one cuff of the shirt sleeve barely visible. Some players even joked that Insomniac Games stuck Mary Jane’s hair on the character’s image, though Mary Jane’s most often seen with a pony tail in Marvel’s Spider-Man.

Following the discovery of this stock photo image, others have pointed out that they seem to have found a stock photo used for Martin Li’s family as well, though the similarities between those two images aren’t as numerous as the ones connecting Parker’s mom and her stock image.


It’s an entertaining find to connect an in-game character to a stock image – though many Mass Effect 3 players didn’t find it funny when an unmasked Tali was found out to be a stock photo character – but people have reminded others that this is exactly what stock photos are used for. Though Parker’s parents are catalysts for his story that leads him to living with Aunt May, they ultimately play a small role in Spider-Man’s story, so it’s not like Insomniac Games used a stock photo for a major character, assuming the image of Parker’s mom is indeed based on the stock photo.

Marvel’s Spider-Man is now available for the PlayStation 4.