'Dead by Daylight' Is Having a Double Bloodpoint Event

Dead by Daylight players have a few days to get twice as many Bloodpoints with the Equinox Bloodhunt event going on now.

Started on Sept. 21, the event that nets Dead by Daylight players double the Bloodpoint earnings is live on all platforms and is scheduled to end on Sept. 24. Whether you’re a Survivor main or have a Killer that you frequently play, both sides benefit from this double Bloodpoint event that’s happening now. Whatever players get during their Dead by Daylight matches, they’ll see those values doubled at the post-game screen to allow for a much quicker progression when it comes to ranking up individual Survivors and Killers.

The planned Equinox Bloodhunt comes at a prime time for Dead by Daylight players as well since the new Chapter is now out for everyone to take part in if they’ve purchased the DLC. Called the Shattered Bloodline Chapter, it introduces a Killer called The Spirit and a Survivor named Adam Francis. With both of those characters newly added to the game, players can level them up to unlock different add-ons, offerings, and perks that can be taught to other Survivors and Killers.

Like other Killers, The Spirit has her own special ability that’s locked to the character, but her three perks detailed here can eventually be learned by other Killers. Her power called Yamaoka’s Haunting allows her to move around an ethereal realm unseen by Survivors until she reemerges at a different location.

“The Spirit may traverse freely to a new location faster for a duration of up to 5 seconds,” Behaviour Interactive’s description for The Spirit’s ability said. “The Spirit enters an ethereal plane, however, is still confined to the bounds of the physical environment and surroundings. The Spirit leaves behind the world of living things and will lose sight of Survivors and their blood trails. Similarly, Survivors will not see The Spirit while she is using her power, however, they will see the husk she leaves behind.”


The Survivor, Adam Francis, has several perks that players will want to use these double Bloodpoints on to obtain the higher tiers and teach them to other Survivors. Distracting Killers with a thrown pebble and getting a guaranteed self-unhook are among the abilities that he’ll start with and get better as players progress through the Bloodweb.

Dead by Daylight’s double Bloodpoint event is going on now until Sept. 24.