Former Telltale Employee Posts New Videos From ‘The Walking Dead’ and More

It is sad what happened with Telltale Games over the weekend, with over 200 people left out of work and the finale of The Walking Dead left in limbo. But one former employee is trying to make the most out of it, posting a series of videos made during his time with the company -- including one that TWD fans are sure to love, as weird as it is.

Shaun Finney, who notes his former employment with the company on his Twitter profile, has posted a number of videos on his feed featuring different projects in the company. They were clearly made for fun, but it is interesting to see what the developers did when they weren’t busy crafting amazing stories.

First up, Finney posted this video featuring Lee from The Walking Dead in a rather humorous situation. He basically goes looking in the cupboard for something in the kitchen, only to keep checking multiple times before vanishing. But then things get really weird when he steps outside, grows in size and begins shooting lasers out of his eyes.

Next up is this interesting render of Vaughn from Tales From the Borderlands. This one isn’t nearly as comical, but it is pretty cool seeing his game character wander through what appears to be a hallway in the Telltale building.

Then there’s this one from a Sam and Max game the team worked on a while back, in which Pandora kind of interacts with the technology included in the duo’s car. It’s actually funnier than we thought it would be.

What’s more, Finney also posted a couple of videos on his Vimeo channel, showcasing what’s been done with the company during his tenure. The first celebrates its tenth anniversary, which you can see below.

Then there’s this awesome Walking Dead documentary that posted right before the first season came out. It’s pretty nostalgic stuff, especially for those that truly enjoyed what that game had to offer.


It is sad that the company ended up going the way it did, because there were some amazing stories that came out of it. Here’s hoping that Finney has even more stuff to share in the future.

We wish the former Telltale staff the best of luck in landing on their feet!