Pokemon Go Keeps Cancelling EX Raids And No One Knows Why

Pokemon Go's controversial EX Raid feature is stirring up more trouble, this time due to a wave of unexpected cancellations.

Players around the world were overjoyed last week to receive the first EX Raid Passes for the Mythical Pokemon Deoxys. Deoxys is a new Pokemon to Pokemon Go and the only way to battle and capture this powerful Pokemon is to receive an invitation to participate in a raid.

However, many players unexpectedly had their local EX Raids cancelled on them, resulting in an in-game notification and plenty of disappointment.What's surprising is that EX Raids were seemingly cancelled en masse, and that Niantic didn't have a good explanation as to why the cancellations occurred.

Niantic eventually responded with a Tweet about the cancellations:

While EX Raids have been cancelled before, we haven't seen a mass cancellation wave ever. And while at first this appeared to be a one time thing, players were reporting issues with EX Raids as recently as yesterday, some just hours before the EX Raid was to take place.


Although no one knows the exact cause of the cancellation glitch, Pokemon Go did make a notable change that allowed gyms with an upcoming EX Raid to "remain open" for normal Raids. Previously, gyms wouldn't host any type of raid once an EX Raid Invite was sent out.

Hopefully, this problem gets resolved quickly and those affected by the cancellations have a chance to battle Deoxys soon. The next wave of EX Raid invites are expected to go out later this week.