This Pokemon-Themed Pumpkin Just Won Halloween

A crafty Redditor found a unique way to merge Halloween with Pokemon.

Earlier this week, a Redditor posted a picture of an amazing Weezing-themed Jack-O'-Lantern. The unique design featured two pumpkins painted purple with the familiar face of the Poison-Type Pokemon carved into them. The maker then placed dry ice in it to imitate Weezing's continuous excretion of polluted gas.

Weezing Jack-o-Lantern

While not one of the most popular Pokemon, Weezing still holds a special place in many Pokemon's fans hearts due to its prominence in the Pokemon anime. Weezing was James' first Pokemon and accompanied the villainous Team Rocket member James through most of his travels through the Kanto and Johto regions.

It's unclear whether who made the Pokemon Jack-O'-Lantern, but it's already gotten over a million views on Imgur and nearly 5000 upvotes on Reddit. Don't be surprised if it goes viral in the coming days, as it's one of the best Jack-O'-Lantern designs we've seen this year. It also doesn't look too difficult to carve, especially as dry ice is pretty abundant during this time of year.

Halloween is a special time for the Pokemon franchise, thanks in part to the abundance of Ghost-Type Pokemon and creepy mythology built into the game. Between Pokemon who carry around the faces of dead people to haunted Pokemon cemeteries, the Pokemon games have plenty of things to scare fans this time of the year.


The Pokemon Company also releases tons of treats and special goodies for fans during the Halloween season. In addition to Pokemon Go's annual Halloween event, The Pokemon Company also releases a special Halloween merchandise line featuring Pokemon dressed in spooky costumes. This year, the Pokemon are divided into the upbeat "Team Treat" and the scary "Team Trick."

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