'Keyforge' Decks Are Already Selling for Hundreds of Dollars on eBay

Keyforge has only been out for a day, but some early players are making major money off of their decks.

Yesterday, Fantasy Flight Games released Keyforge, a new card game by Magic: The Gathering maker Richard Garfield. What makes Keyforge unique is that it's not a traditional card game - instead, cards are sold in randomized pre-made decks that can't be broken up.

One of Garfield's hopes with this new system is that break up the traditional trading card game meta, which is usually defined by a few superior deck builds and cards that go for hundreds of dollars on the secondary. Unfortunately, no good plan survives contact with the enemy, and Keyforge is no exception.

One of the fatal flaws in Keyforge's plan is that a decklist is included at the front of every deck, so that players instantly know what cards they have when they open it. The decklist is immediately visible when cards are pulled from the box, before the deck's seal is broken. Because of that, players can still sell "sealed" decks online and advertise exactly what these decks have.

It seems that the most popular deck on the secondary market involves the Four Horsemen, a set of four cards based on the Horsemen of the Apocalypse that belong to House Sanctum. The cards all sync up with one another for different combos, but aren't inordinately powerful on their own. Still, that hasn't stopped players from selling Four Horsemen decks for $100-$200 on eBay and other Keyforge deck-trading sites. We expect that other decks with certain card combos will start jumping up in price once competitive play starts in the coming weeks.

Part of the reason for the big jump in prices is that both Fantasy Flight and many game stores have already sold out of Keyforge product. It shouldn't be a surprise - Keyforge has a unique game concept and is made by the founder of the trading card game concept, but it's still impressive given that the game has only been out for 24 hours.


Keyforge is available for sale now...although you might want to call your local game store to see if they still have some in stock.

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