This 'Zero Suit Link' Cosplay Is Equal Parts Clever And Hilarious

Zero Suit Samus, awesome. Link, also awesome. With their powers combined - especially with Super Smash Bros. Ultimate being the talk of the town - makes for one hilariously epic cosplay mashup.

The cosplayer in question, Oliver Holmes, goes by Kohalu Cosplay and his portfolio speaks volumes for his passion regarding the gaming community. What makes this cosplay hilarious - at least to me - is not the fact that the cosplay itself is funny, but just picturing the two actually fused together and Link suddenly finding out just how skin-tight that zero suit really is. I'll admit, my imagination ran off from me a bit.

From Blizzard, to Nintendo - he definitely knows how to bring some of our favorite characters to life. He's also done a few "normal" Link cosplay sets as well, for those interested in a more traditional Legend of Zelda experience:

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It's my birthday! Do-do-DO-doooo~ Photo by @cosportraits #legendofzeldacosplay #linkcosplay #link #hyrulewarriors

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